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CashNetUSA is one of the web direct lenders like Opp loans

CashNetUSA is one of the web direct lenders like Opp loans

The interest rate is high; No clear vision of rates and fees. These factors depend on the customers’ location; The service isn’t reachable by customers in all of the states.

Interest Rate – 260% and more

They deliver fast financial solutions to all who seek them. Among a variety of loan types: sameday, payday, personal loans, customers can also qualify for installment loans like Opploans.

Speaking about the loan terms, customers’ luck depends on where they live. CashNetUSA has a mobile-friendly website like Opploans, where you check out the fees depending on your current location.

On the bright side, as well as lenders like Opploans, those creditors at CashNetUSA are willing to look the other way if the customer has a low FICO score. They base their loan decision on other loan eligibility factors.


This is one of the best loan places like OppLoans as it is an online lender suitable for consumers who need small or bigger sums.

You can request between $500 and $5,000 for various purposes as the company doesn’t ask why you may need the funds.

Pay attention to the interest rates as they vary between 50% and 299% depending on your state and other payment conditions.

Find out if this service operates in your state to be able to apply and check other details. Generally, it can be a helpful choice for people who seek unsecured loans.

Free online application; Applications allowed with poor credit score; Unsecured loans; Loan amounts from $500 to $5,000. APR higher than from other alternative lenders; Rather short repayment period.

APR – 36% to 299%

Rise Credit comes from a group of lenders similar to Opploans. They offer loans that customers can pay back over a period from four to 26 months. However, customers from different states of American cannot expect the same loan fees, interests and repayment periods.

These loan features depend on the customer’s living area. Before applying for a loan, the customer can visit the Rise Credit website and check the loan terms in his state. If you’re interested, you can also check a lending website like Opploans in Maryland and see the rates for this state.

Although Rise Credit offers loans for customers with a credit score less than perfect, such loans may come with high interest. So, it’s better to always check loan options beforehand.


One of the top advantages of such lenders similar to OppLoans is that a consumer has the opportunity to apply for the lending solutions over the phone, on the web, or in person.

So, if you need a quick decision or want to save your time and receive quick cash as soon as possible, you may request the funds online or via phone from the comfort of your office or home.

Pay attention to the fees and rates and they can be rather high. For example, you will have to pay % for a $100 payday loan in Alabama.

No penalty for early loan repayment; Quick funds; Ability to apply from computer or smartphone. Relatively high interest percent; Some states demand an entry fee; Loan amounts and types are limited to some categories of customers.

APR – 50% – 299%.

Speedy Cash can boast a high level of reachability to customers as they receive applications via their website, if the customer calls on the phone and even at their actual office.

As well as loan agencies like Opploans, Speedy Cash offers quick cash to customers who urgently need a solution if they’ve run out of money. There is no reason to explain yourself when you need a loan. There are multiple loan types for various purposes.

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