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Book of Ra Online Casino game review

Book of Ra Online Casino has Peter and Sons’ own visual style, and the video slot is played on five reels with 20 paylines. The base game features plenty of joker symbols, and the bonus round includes removal of low-value symbols and valuable 2x multiplier improvements. It’s all prepaid in the Super Bonus round, and you can win up to 2,000 times your bet.

The white-skinned sorceress watches the witches ripen under her pointy nose, and a quick glance at the visuals is enough to feel that we’re dealing with another Peter and Sons product. This time, however, there’s nothing unusual about the name, but is definitely fit for fall.

Features of the slot machine Book of Ra Online Casino

The wild gold coin enters all the regular checks and can only land on reels 2, 3 and 4. Each landing bonus bottle is collected in the counter on the left, and you must collect 750 bonus bottles to fill the counter. This triggers the super bonus round, but the regular bonus round is covered first.

You start the free spins round by landing 3 or more bottle games per spin, which gives you 10 free spins for beginners. Each low-value symbol you win is removed from the reels for the duration of the feature. Win valuable symbols and their chances of final action will be doubled . Bonus chips are not collected in the free spins round.

As usual, Peter & Sons will hang a carrot in front of you to keep you on a long journey. Fill the scatter counter with 750 bottles on 10 Super Free Spin . If you start the regular bonus round at the same time, it will be played first. All low value symbols are already removed from the Super Bonus round, and all high value symbols already have a double multiplier.

Book of Ra Online Casino – 200 Spins

Before we triggered the bonus round, we had random initial winnings with significant payouts in the form of the mushroom symbol. This happens at 11:11 in the 3-minute video, and we were able to update most of the bonus symbols with 2x the odds. However, as far as how far we’ve come overall, you’ll have to click on the game to see for yourself.

Book of Ra Online Casino – Review Summary

Peter & Sons’ two standouts are its clear and unusual visual presentation and its once-in-a-blue-month super bonus round. Both are owned by Book of Ra Online Casino, and we’re glad to see that they also dared to experiment with the property department this time around. Nothing special, but still a step in the right direction for an aspiring Armenian developer. 

The base game offers nothing but great animation and random wild wins, so you’re really just waiting for the bonus round to start. Success will come if you manage to remove low-value symbols as early as possible and upgrade valuable symbols. Initial dead spins usually mean that the feature has been used, but you can also limp along with additional rounds to save what’s left on the skin of your teeth. This may not be much, however, as 2000x was the most in this game, broken by a billion wheels during testing.

Pros of Book of Ra Online Casino:

  • Collect 750 scatters to trigger super freespins
  • Bonus round with symbol removal and double enhancement
  • Great and clear visuals

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